Anyone Who Blames Terry Collins For Last Night Needs To Stop Watching Sports


I am just going to preface this by saying Matt Harvey is a diva and 100% drives me insane with his off the field antics. BUT last night he was fucking dealing and as I drive to work today I have hear people nonstop calling WFAN and say “Terry sticking with Harvey for the 9th was so dumb”. Did these people even watch the game? Harvey looked like Bob Gibson and Koufax last night so get out of my fuckin face with that shit, he was absolutely dealing. Terry had no choice but to stick with him especially with the way he was just rolling through that KC lineup. Yes we got bit and it didn’t work but let’s be real were going to back to KC for games 6-7 if we could make just one play in the field to pick up our pitchers. At the end of the day Harvey was the Dark Knight and that is 100% true, he killed it for us and he didn’t give a fuck about innings limits or his next contract or anything last night.  He wasn’t doing it for his #’s or stat line he was a team player last night and if he needed to peg someone last night then fight them at the mound he 100% would of and that the type of guy Harvey needs to be for this team. deGrom is the unsung quiet stud of the team, Syndergaard is the young fireballer, Matz the young lefty and Harvey needs to be our Dark Knight and leader. This is coming from a guy who hates him and kills Harvey cause of his selfish antics but last night he shut me up and was my guy.

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