Mets Lose 14 Inning Thriller


Well that sucked, Mets lost a great game to the Royals tonight, plain and simple you just gotta tip your cap to KC. The Royals are tough but I am still confident, just think about this: it took an inside the park homer, 2 David Wright errors and a Familia blown save to beat us. I know thats a spin zone but those are facts and this series will be a great one. deGrom will have to go out and take care of business and be the ace of the staff. If deGrom wins tonight we got back to Citi Field with a 1-1 series and three games at home with Thor on the mound.  Now on to this Volquez and his dad passing thing, really amazing that his wife told Yost and the Royals not to tell him about the news. I know I will sound like a miserable fuck but I don’t care, how the Mets do not tell Volquez about his dad to get in his head is unreal and a huge missed opportunity. You don’t think Bob Gibson would tell a batter his dad died in the 65 World Series? It is called doing whatever it takes to get the W in the biggest game of your life.


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