TeenMom Farrah Abraham’s Boob Job Was A Success!

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  • She’s made no secret of her love of plastic surgery, undergoing multiple procedures over the years.
  • Farrah Abraham was eager to show off the results after undergoing her third breast augmentation earlier this month.
  • The Teen Mom star allowed the cameras to follow her into the operating theatre as she underwent surgery to increase her implant size from a 650CC to a 800CC on October 16.-DailyMail

TeenMom’s Boobs

What a try hard this teen mom is, a third fucking boob job just screams attention in every way, like you just know that this Farrah Abraham was definitely the type of student in school who would remind the teacher that she didn’t check the hw. I still cannot believe that this Farrah Abraham broad is alive, like how has she not just ended her life or gone into obscurity. Actually, scratch that I just saw she has a net worth of 1 million dollars ????? How on earth is that possible? Her life is literally like one of those scenarios you would do with your friends “would you take it up the ass for a million”. Farrah Abraham essentially did that and god bless her. Like I wonder if she thinks she is super talented and like superior to porn stars cause I could definitely make the argument that Gianna Michaels is way more talented and motivated than she is.


One comment

  1. mvijohnsonave · October 27, 2015

    She should spend her money on mental help therapy

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