Buster Olney Not Having Sideburns Is So Buster It HURTS

IMG_1241 IMG_1242

BUSTER GONNA BUSTER, is this real life? So this morning I am in full-blown World Series mode, my NY Mets are going toe to toe with the KC Royals for a title and I turn on ESPN to get my World Series Coverage and I get fucking Bustered. Is this like a thing in the hair scene that I don’t know about? Having sideburns is an essential thing right? Maybe I am just out of the loop but I think that all men who have hair must have sideburns, like having just a straight up block on the side of your head is just not acceptable for Buster in October. This is the only week that Buster really needs to have his fastball working and to come out with a fucking dud like this no sideburn thing is unreal. Like in March when the Hot Stove is just heating up it is ok to look like a mess when Buster is doing his spots from Tampa but to have this look during the World Series is just unacceptable, do better Buster.

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