Bieber Having A Drumoff On Fallon

Now this was about a month ago and I have no idea how I missed this, BIEBER FUCKING SHREDS THOSE POOR DRUMS. Like could you imagine girls in the audience looking at this just waterfalling down their legs after seeing this shit. Now I know people will probably see this and think oh this fake and there is no way he did this but the only reason I think this is genuine is the way the other members of the band were watching the Biebs just shit all over poor Questlove. Like I could see the producer in the bands ears saying PRAY4QUESTLOVE, STOP THE FIGHT, GO EASY ON HIM BIEBS.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240

That face says one thing and one thing only, Real Recognize Real. Thats it.

PS: I gotta get me a camo vietnam looking jacket.

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