Iman Shumpert’s Remix To Jumpman Is FIRE

My dear friend turned me onto this late last night and I just ran to my computer to put this on DOS, and it is fucking fuego. I do not even get why Shump is still a basketball player and no just a straight up rapper, I have 100% confidence that he could be on that Trinidad James, Chief Keef, Shmurda level of rapper. Like I could see that flattop just taking over the hood like its 92′. Now in the hierarchy of Shump’s song catalog this is definitely top 2 tied with his remix of Clique. If you had to party with 3 NBA players it would have to be Shump, Joel Embiid and the godfather JR Swish right? If you have a different top 3 you’re a fucking loser square and you don’t know how to have a good time. Goddamnit do I miss the 2012 Knicks just launching threes and making teams look silly.

This track still fucking BANGS #Knickstape


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