I Need To Buy Bieber’s Friends Estate

2DC1DBB700000578-3288856-image-a-60_1445803948977 2DC5F68E00000578-3288856-Justin_Bieber_stayed_at_the_house_in_early_2014_after_trouble_wi-m-80_1445804745351 2DC68BCE00000578-3288856-image-a-82_1445804757707 2DC1DBE400000578-3288856-image-a-65_1445803965917 2DC1DAC500000578-3288856-image-a-68_1445803980778

  • Producer Dallas Austin putting Atlanta-area home up on rental market for six to 12 months
  • Justin Bieber stayed at the ‘spaceship’ home while looking for houses at the beginning of 2014
  • Home filled with curves was designed by Portland-based architect and motorcycle racer Michael Czysz
  • Zen garden, theater and infinity pool all feature in property that agent says has ‘out-of-this-world atmosphere’

Bieber’s Former Spot Up For Rent

You know how people say good juju rubs off when you hang with winners? That is exactly what you get when you live in a place Bieber banged chicks in. I wouldn’t even have the land lord clean the place I need to use Bieber’s old dirty dishes and just hopefully his swagger and luck rubs off on me. Okay, on a serious note who the fuck would design a spaceship house? I never got rich people doing stuff like this, like why not just get a normal rich person house and travel the world instead of wasting money on an architect and planning to build a fucking house designed to look like the Star Trek Enterprise. Do you think Bieber even like knows what anything normal is? I think that would be an unbelievable TV Show, like make Mr. Bieber have to pay an electric bill and go food shopping on a budget of less than a trillion dollars and I guarantee he would struggle. I honestly just wanted to write a Bieber story today cause I have listened to his new single “Sorry” on repeat for about 12 zillion hours since Friday so I have officially gone Bieber crazy.


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