Gordon Ramsay With The Cockiest Move On The Planet


So I was at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day looking for wedding gifts for the Kansas City wedding this weekend. I make a left into the plates and cutlery section and I see these boxes wall to wall and I guess they are from the “Gordon Ramsay Collection”. Is this real fucking life? I need like 3000000 of these fucking plates just because of the cockiness of this fucking move. Like I wish I could of been in that meeting where they think about what they are going to call the new set, and you know that blonde english fuck just said “JUST PUT MY BLOODY FUCKIN FACE ON THE BOXES, THEY’LL SELL LIKE HOTCAKES”. So fucking cocky like Ramsay is 100% the type of guy that I could goto war with and be confident that he would grab a bottle and smash it over someone’s head, always need a guy like Ramsay. What I mean by that is, every group always needs a guy that is so cocky he don’t give a fuck about anything, like Ramsay doesn’t give a shit if these plates sell, all that matters is his face is on that fucking box.

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