NYC Restaurant Has Food Challenge Of 30 LB Burrito


  • Vic Robey, owner of Don Chigone, Brooklyn, is offering profits as a prize
  • Will give 10 percent of his takings to anyone who can finish a 30lb burrito
    Contestants have to eat 25,000 calorie, $150 monster in 60 minutes to win
  • Will have to wash it down with a margarita containing a whole ghost pepper
  • A dietitian has warned the challenge ‘looks impossible’ and ‘could be fatal’

30 LB Burrito

I usually see these articles and just laugh but I felt a 30 pound burrito had to be addressed. The story has really nothing to do with the burrito, the story is the fact that this restaurant owner is clearly breaking the eating challenge rules. Like a 30 pound of burrito is clearly not edible in one sitting so these guys need to be thrown in jail for illegal restaurant challenges. Like a 12 pound burrito is realistic, not 30. How about this douchey owner saying he will give 10% of his profit to the winner? Thats like me saying I will cut my dick off if Michael Jackson goes on tour again. I do miss watching Man V. Food though, one of the all time great shows, it really was great when Adam Richman was fat, when he got skinny it completely lost it’s touch.


One comment

  1. A.K. Maleeke · October 14, 2015

    That’s a heart clogger. I don’t see how anyone can eat that in one sitting. Lol Adam from Man V Food could probably eat it though.

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