Why Are People Mad At Jennifer Aniston For Her Newest Ad?

This new commercial was released and I guess people hate how Aniston mocks lesser airlines that do not have showers and treat you like an Arabian prince? I am not gonna lie I saw this commercial yesterday during the football games and I couldn’t have loved it more. Like I think all commercials should berate the poor and mock things they do, who the fuck wouldn’t wanna live like an Arab sheik? Like thats the best life you can have ever, no-one harasses you, you have no fame but you have all the money on the fucking planet to still tell people to fuck off. Another perk of being an Arab sheik is now when you fly you get to have shower sex with Jennifer Aniston. That is like the underlying theme of this ad right? Like I was watching this and immediately I thought of fucking Aniston in the shower. So If you’re against this ad you’re pretty much against having shower sex.



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