Linkedin Now Offering Unlimited Vacation Days

LinkedIn Corp., the professional networking Web site, displays its logo outside of headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Monday, May 9, 2011. LinkedIn Corp. plans to sell shares to investors for $32 to $35 each in an initial public offering, one of the first for a major U.S. social networking site. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

LinkedIn is the latest employer to offer what’s known as “discretionary time off,” or “DTO” in corporate HR-speak. Starting on Nov. 1, the job networking site’s approximately 6,000 U.S. employees will be able to take as much time off as they want every year. “The purpose is to empower managers and employees,” Pat Wadors, LinkedIn’s chief human resource officer, told The Huffington Post. Employees are adults who don’t need to be micromanaged or wait to accrue vacation days after a designated period, she said.-HuffingtonPost

LinkedIn offering unlimited vacation days

This just seems like a hardo move, like tech startups are always doing wacky things like this but at what point does it just become ridiculous? Like now Facebook is gonna probably come out and say work is now optional and then twitter will say now you can choose your own salary. What they don’t tell you about these tech startups is that they actually work their fucking dicks off, I interviewed for a tech start up and their average work day was 9-7:30 at the earliest everyday but they told me they catered dinner so it was fun. Ummmmm no, I am not 12 you can’t bait me into working crazy hours with fucking sandwich squares and sun chips. With this Linkedin thing I wonder what guy will be the first asshole to not show up to work for a full year, you gotta do it right? Like when you’re offered a BJ, you accept it 100000% of the time every time even if you hate that person you have no choice. Like this is the same situation, when you’re employer offers unlimited vacation days you immediately just make work optional.

PS: 100% looking for jobs at LinkedIn headquarters


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