Thoughts On The Mets-Dodgers NLCS Through 2 Games


Well……the Mets are 1-1 going back to Citi Field and we have our best pitcher on the mound for game 3 versus an old Dodgers team with their worst pitcher on the mound. Should be all good right? Well all was going well until Chase Utley literally murdered poor Ruben Tejada. First I wanna talk about game 1.

GAME 1: Went to Saloon (84th and York) it was crazy the place was packed out for 40$ open bar Mets watch party, we got there at 7:00pm for the ridiculous 9:45pm start. We start drinking and I am at the bar sitting down on one of the few barstools, I quickly become lord of the Met fans. I am talking Mets with people talking strategy and breaking it down like I was Sandy Alderson. The game starts, deGrom and Kershaw battle it out and both pitchers have it working, deGrom was flat out fucking unbelievable and Kershaw and deGrom exchanged a bazillion Ks. Then Murphy blasted a Kershaw Fastball to the fucking moon and with deGrom cruising everyone knew the game was over at that point. Then in the 7th Wright Piled on 2 more runs to make it 3-0 and we put that bitch in the books as a 3-1 Game 1 win. Now At the bar I fell asleep and slept from the 3-6th inning (quick cat nap) I woke up right in time for the Wright  RBI single & fireball shots, when the single went through the infield I jumped out of my barstool and threw my fist in the air and punched the lightbulb and broke it on my hand. #MetsLife

Game 2: Same thing as above but substitute Syndergaard in for deGrom and Greinke in for Kershaw and Yoenis for Murphy. Now we head into the bottom of the 7th with a 2-1 lead and Syndergaard still dealing on the mound, Noah gets Grandal to strikeout then he walks the next batter while Utley pinch hits and gets a bloop single. Terry brings in Bartolo Colon to face Howie Kendrick and now lets talk about the slide heard round the world. The slide was 100% dirty and it was Utley doing whatever it takes to make a play and I can’t kill Utley for it cause he is a veteran doing whatever it takes, but what I can say is how fucking botched the overall situation was. Tejada clearly didn’t touch the bag and neither did Utley but that isn’t my problem with the play, my problem is UTLEY DOESN’T MAKE AN ATTEMPT TOWARDS THE BAG THEREFORE HE IS SLIDING WITH INTERFERENCE ON HIS MIND THAT IS IT. So the play was clearly interference, I don’t care about Tejada or Utley not touching the bag there shouldn’t have ever been a review cause they should have said interference and it should have been a double play. We lost 5-2 and if they make the proper call on the Utley slide the Mets most likely get to Familia who locks it up and we win and take a commanding 2-0 lead. But that isn’t the case so we are going back to NY tied 1-1.

Overall, the slide and game 2 isn’t the end of the world, we have Harvey on the mound vs Brett Anderson in game 3 so we should be able to erase the pain of game 2. The Mets need to use Ruben Tejada as motivation moving forward, what I do not want to happen is for the Mets to start hitting anyone during game 3. It’s playoff baseball every run and baserunner is too important, we cannot let LA muddy the waters, we need to keep our heads down and just fucking grind. I am confident we finish it in 4 at Citi with the Homegrown Steven Matz on the bump.





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