This Guy Pretending To Be A Rug On Tinder Has Met His Match

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Whoa! Talk about a whirlwind of emotions, I don’t know where to start. First off, Fuck this girl right? Like for real fuck her, no-one likes a do-gooder and that is what this slut is. Like just go along with the joke, go “hahaha” and go on your way and don’t try to outdo the carpet. It’s like the guy who has 4000 brackets during March Madness and claims he called every outcome on “one” of his brackets. This carpet guy needs to get a new shtick after you meet a girl who can own you in a pun off like this, what I need to know is in order to have a tinder you need to have a Facebook for that tinder, so did this guy make a carpet Facebook? Cause if he did I fucking hate this guy.

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