May The 2015 Yankees Rest In Peace

Gravestone_NYY 293496089

The 2015 Yankees were just too old, too many underachieving big name contracts, too many injuries and most importantly NO HEART. That’s it and you know what? I think every diehard baseball fan who had watched this team from August kinda knew something like this would happen. The baseball season is a marathon and it just wore down the team and that’s that. No-one to blame, no goat, no scapegoat just an older team that was worn down and couldn’t bounce back. This season was over when Mark Teixeira went down because throughout July and early August they had a killer 1-2 punch of Arod and Tex in the middle of the order and when that ended it was over. Tonight Tanaka showed up and did his thing and it didn’t matter cause the bats couldn’t get anything going but I will say one thing, the 2015 Yankees season was an overall success. In April no-one expected a thing from the Bronx Bombers and the fact that they gave their fans a home playoff game in a rebuilding year is a success. Now it’s time for us NewYorkers to band together as one and hop on the 2015 Mets bandwagon!


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