Looking At Pics Of Fat Vin Diesel Is The Best

2D25A25900000578-3262544-image-a-32_1444166285243 2D25D7D600000578-3262544-Enjoying_a_cheeky_smoke_Vin_Diesel_took_his_shirt_off_while_bask-m-85_1444167178728

I don’t know why but you give me skinny Vin Diesel and I hate his gross bald meathead guts but this fat Vin Diesel????  I need more of this bald fuck. Love seeing people crumble from within, like think about famous people who get skinny: CC Sabathia, Rex Ryan, Jared From Subway, and Jonah Hill. All those guys got skinny and lost their pizzazz, but take it the other way and talk about people who get fat and let themselves go??? Totally the opposite effect, these guys have become fucking electric: Leo, Vin Diesel, KFed and John Daly. Imagine if this became a thing? like Ryan Gosling comes out and looks a fucking fat caveman, girls would start becoming attracted to that and all normal guys will come out smelling like roses. Simple Reverse psychology on every woman on earth? Totally possible.

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