FitBits For Dogs Are So 2015

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  • ‘Fitbit’ gadget for dogs could tell you what your pet is thinking!
  • $90 sensor attaches to dog’s tail and measures movement and speed
    Dubbed TailTalk, device relays data it collects to an app via Bluetooth
  • Left wagging indicates aggression and right wagging suggests happiness
    Creators hope sensor will help owners understand what upsets their pets-DailyMail

FitBits For Dogs

God do I love dogs, they are just like humans but they don’t speak English so you never get into any conflict with them and they are always happy go lucky. Dogs are like the super happy friend you have that is so happy and energetic it becomes obnoxious. Well imagine if you took that annoying happy friend cut out their voice box and made them your slave and what do you get? A dog. That is why I do not need to know what my pet is feeling, cause I don’t need a doggy fitbit telling me my dog thinks he lives a mediocre life cause believe me I already know my life and everyone around me is pretty mediocre. What we could use is a fitbit that tells you your dogs bladder level and fullness meter so you know exactly when your dog needs to shit so you don’t have a poop covered carpet. Like how has that not been invented yet? We can put a location tracking microchip in our dogs but we can’t get a fucking ShitBit on our dog? Get your shit together 2015.

PS: Yes I already bought the copyright for ShitBit and


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