Scientists In Antarctica Are Drinking Too Much



  • Office of the Inspector General conducted a health and safety audit of U.S. bases last year
    National Science Foundation officials in Antarctica told auditors drinking has created ‘unpredictable behavior’ that has led to fights
  • They also it has ‘indecent exposure and employees arriving to work under the influence’ NSF is considering deploying breathalyzers to the continent in order to enforce new teetotaling mandate from Washington

Scientists Fighting In Antarctica

If the national science foundation thought it was hard to get people to go study in Antarctica when they could drink all they wanted then now it’ll be fucking impossible to get people to go there. I want to know what kind of unpredictable behavior we are talking about here, is it eye gouging? is it nut grabbing? You never fight an adult nerd thats rule 101 and it is because those guys have nothing to lose, if you’re a scientist in Antarctica you are just a shitty scientist so they cast you away. Kinda like the cops who direct traffic outside a stadium, those cops are the fucking worst cops on the planet so they make them direct traffic like apes cause thats all they are capable of as humans. These scientists need to be able to drink and be shitty scientists thats it, they have to be able to flap their wings in order to exist.

PS: I gotta get a penguin drunk once in my life. Bucket List City.

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