Hillary Clinton’s Brother Is Perfect




2CBAB73100000578-3255746-image-a-39_1443711149055 2CBAB91E00000578-3255746-Tony_Rodham_61_is_in_his_second_marriage_and_has_two_children_wi-m-38_1443711137978

  • Rodham, 61, is in his second marriage and has two children with current wife Megan, a pediatric intensive care nurse
  • His name and credit card information were included in a database of AshleyMadison.com customers leaked online by hackers in August
    Website is known as the ‘Google of cheating’ and uses the slogan: ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’
  • Rodham’s sister, Hillary Clinton, is the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner
    His wife tells Daily Mail Online he has never cheated on her – but admits she knows Rodham was signed up on the website
  • One of his two credit card transactions was registered to a company named after his daughter-DailyMail

Hillary’s Brother Is The Best

Now this is what Hillary’s camp needs to be focusing on! At the 1st democratic debate she needs to just open it up with my brother cheats on his wife just like my husband does. I am an every woman! I stand with the common people of America! How about Rodham’s wife? Yeah I know his passwords don’t worry he doesn’t cheat he just loves Ashley Madison and talking to other woman. I kinda wish our next president could be a swinger or like a pan sexual (even though I am not really sure what that is) swingers are always successful and super happy. The  reason I think he is a swinger is because check out the fucking ink on his arm, straight up screams swinger! If he is a swinger you know him and slick Willy back in the day definitely did some damage together, eiffel towering bitches in the UN, closing the blinds in the oval office and just going crazy. The Clintons are the best, never change babe, never change.


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