Yankees Look To Clinch This Weekend


The Yankees have a huge weekend ahead of them and it is that simple. They need to make sure Tanaka is 100% ready to go. Massage his body with calf milk, eat sushi off his body, the yanks need to do whatever makes him happy and ready to go for that one game playoff. I am not worried about them clinching because they have that Wild Card locked up and it doesn’t matter whether they lock up the Wild Card with an Angels loss or a Yankee win. It doesn’t matter, as my main man Rex said when the Jets backed in the playoffs in 2010 “You gotta get invited to the prom before you start worrying about fucking the prom queen”. Thats it, and make sure your Japanese splitter throwing pitcher is ready once you get to October. People don’t get one thing about the Yankees and it is that they are streaky. Yes they are not hitting this week and on a little skid but that pendulum swings the other way too. It has gone back and forth all year and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon and if we are hot for the playoffs god bless anyone who plays us in October.

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