Vince Carter Is Still A Freak


This is why Vinsanity is amazing. He is going to be 39 this January and he is still flying around the fucking air like pixie dust. I know Vince has had a good NBA career but to me it always felt like he never could really get the right coach and system for him, he was a Raptor, Net and Magic and those are some of the worse teams you could be on in the prime of your career. It is crazy to think what a guy like VC could have done if he had been matched up with a Duncan in San Antonio. I know he found a nice home in those places and played pretty well but he had transcendent talent that was flat out amazing and frankly I would of loved to see him goto a team with a good culture and coach when he was in his prime. If he’s doing this at 39 he is definitely going to be able to out jump me when he’s 80.

Fuck France


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