This Taylor Swift Gumball Artwork Has Me Hypnotized



I need this thing so fucking bad. I will pay any amount of money for it. I have literally stared at this thing for about 40 mins and it has me hypnotized, do you think Taylor could get anymore popular? Like I don’t think she can get bigger and more loved, like whats her next career move? drop another album? Nowhere to go but down that is why I think Taylor has two choices in her life.

  1. Release another album probably call it 1990 and it isn’t as good as 1989 and she falls off but still continues her fledgling music career.
  2. Go off the fucking grid and just let the Taylor Swift legend fucking grow. Just like the Beatles you come into the scene you fuck up everyone and then you never play again. The Beatles were only a band for less than a decade, when they broke up in 1970 their legend and stock went sky-high cause everyone wanted more. This is what Taylor needs to do and why she should quit music and come date me.

PS: How has Biebs not fucked Taylor? Upset city.

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