Kendall Jenner Goes See Thru

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Kendall Jenner coming in hot! Not giving a fuck not even realizing that she’s naked wearing a see thru house curtain with her ass out for the boys. I feel like the Kardashians just hang out and try to top each other with the craziest circumstances ever.

“Oh yeah? Well I slept with Ray J and we made a sextape so I am going to release it”

“Well My Husband is going to become crack head”

“Well my dad is now a girl but she refuses to cut her dick off”

“Well my boyfriend sleeps with transexuals and thats weird considering my dad is a transexual”

“Oh yeah well I am going to wear our living room curtain and show my ass to the world just cause”

“I am going to kinda marry/date a white guy and have a normal relationship”

This goes on at the Kardashian house daily and I fucking love it. Long Live the Kardashians and god bless them.

PS: If you’re not team Kendall and you like that troll pornstar wannabe Kylie get lost.

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