The Mets Outlook Heading Into October


As the Mets begin to ramp up for their playoff series vs the Dodgers one question remains. How do they finish the season? Do they get rest and make sure all their players are healthy for the playoffs or do they not let up and make sure they lock up home field. This a tough question because for a young team it seems like they wouldn’t need much rest but at the same time a younger team like the Mets could certainly use some mental rest because this season has been an absolute fucking emotional roller coaster. From Flores crying, to the blown save the next day to Terry being mentioned as manager of the year and locking up the division its been a clusterfuck. In my opinion we kind of do a little bit of both, lets relax and rest the vets like Wright and Grandy but lets not completely relax and let’s make it clear that we want games 1-2 at Citi. I am already nervous about the Dodgers because we cannot fucking hit Kershaw or Greinke so if we go down 0-2 we are fucked. All I know is that I am just happy we have some playoff baseball and I am happy about the 2015 Mets win or lose.


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