Week 4 – Suicide Fantasy Football Lineup

Welcome all to the new and improved Dean of Sports website. We will be featuring a ton of different material and I will be more involved with the sports aspect, but I recommend checking out all of our contributor’s posts.

My intention is to provide a fantasy lineup of the week; however unlike the typical posts that you read that break down the daily DFS style where you are allotted a certain amount money, mine will be different in nature.

To help you better understand, I used to be a part of a suicide player league, which first got me involved in fantasy sports in the first place. We would pick 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR/TE, 1 K, 1 D. The catch of this league that made it so unique was that once you used a player/ defense, you could not use them again for the rest of the regular season.

I say regular season specifically because the league would continue all the way through the Superbowl, where you would get a whole new pool of players, but you could not use players after that. It would get tough in the playoffs, and yes I have seen teams crumble (myself included) because if you did not plan out a playoff projection and plan your teams you could end up starting a third or fourth string wide receivers and backup running backs.

It had standard scoring PPR that you see in today’s online leagues. This league was done by hand through email (by hand = scores added up by calculator). **I will be adding an additional TE slot just for shits and gigs.

So I realize I am rambling on and no one really cares, so to get to my point I will be providing a suicide league fantasy lineup of the week and I will not be reusing any players. Now, you may be asking yourself why would you provide a lineup with no scoring and you aren’t playing against anyone?

To answer that all I will say is I am a fantasy guru. Those who read this should heed my advice and use it to win their weeks and ultimately their leagues. If anyone read me last year on my blog (TheDailyFuzzz) they know I don’t play games.

The only thing that is a little backwards is that I am starting from week 4, because I am a new addition to the Dean of Sports team. So with a fresh pool of players and without further ado, here is my week 4 fantasy lineup of the week:

QB – Andrew Luck – IND

RB – Adrian Peterson – MIN

RB – Latavius Murray – OAK

WR – Brandon Cooks – NO

WR – Allen Robinson – JAC

TE – Heath Miller – PIT

K – Steven Hauschka – SEA

D – Buffalo Bills


Andrew Luck and the Colts have looked like complete trash. They are bound to bounce back. He is at home, indoors at Lucas Oil stadium. Andrew Luck has won his last 5 games vs. the Jags throwing for over 1700 yards in his career (6 games) versus them. He has a 10/3 TD – INT ratio and in what is a big game for the AFC South (all teams are 1-2) he will come out on top.

Adrian Peterson is Adrian Peterson. The only player that is allowed to fumble 3 times and still get 29 carries in week 2. It does not matter who he is player, Peterson will get his share and look for him to be used a lot since Minnesota has absolutely nothing going against Manning and the Broncos.

Latavius Murray has become quite the work horse doing it all in the Raiders backfield. Against a poor Chicago defense they seem to be giving up already on the season and placing their entire team on the trading block (somewhat true). I couldn’t decide who would be a better option Murray or Cooper. Both will be good plays this week.

Brandon Cooks will have a great game with or without Drew Brees. Primetime at home I feel like the saints are borderline unstoppable in the dome, or maybe I am thinking of the illusion of 3 years ago when they were actually good. Either way look for Brandon Cooks to put up some big numbers in what is going to be a high scoring game Sunday Night.

I know I said Andrew Luck will turn his season around now, but Blake Bortles needs to give the ball to someone and with a non-existent running game I believe they will feature Allen Robinson as much as they can. Allen Hurns had a decent week last week as Bortles seems to be coming into his own. Robinson will be the go-to guy against a pathetic excuse of a defense in Indianapolis

I think Miller will have a decent amount of footballs thrown his way Thursday night. Vick will look to check the ball down to either Bell or Miller to help try and get himself comfortable in the pocket. Miller is always a solid option to play at tight end and has always produced.  I see Miller getting the old 5-50 and 1 td.

Who Care about Kickers and Defenses. The Bills vs. Eli = SIGN ME UP!

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