Model Pretends To Be Drugged Just To Meet The Biebs

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Model Thirsty For The Biebs

YAWNNNNNNNNNNN who doesn’t want the Biebs dickjuice right now? Hottest artist in the game just turning every girl into Niagara Falls without even trying, I respect this model’s hustle but sometimes you just have to do better. You think this is the first time Biebs has seen the old drugged girl move? Cindy Crawford tried that when he was 16 shooting music videos with fucking Usher. To get Biebs attention you need to atleast have fake blood or like do the old school razor blade thing WWF used to do during the PPVs get these anorexic anxiety attacks out of my face. On the other hand if you’re Selena Gomez you 100% need to kill this model just to show that Biebs is still on your radar, thats the type of crazy action that’ll get the Biebs attention anything less than murder is more boring than Harry Styles.

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