George Clooney’s Best Friend Spills The Beans On Their Friendship

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  • Rande Gerber and George Clooney built neighboring houses in Mexico
  • Gerber’s spouse Cindy Crawford involved in accidental ‘wife swap’
  • Clooney’s lawyer wife Amal said to be ‘a great addition to the family’-DailyMail

George Clooney’s Friend Shares Details

The link to this story couldn’t be more off, it should be George Clooney is a Bi-Swinger. Thats it, no funny factoids about George and his lovely wife just straight up orgy stories. Everyone who reads this article definitely thinks hmmm yeah these two dudes definitely fucked eachothers wives and each-other so you might as well give the people what they want. I feel like there is certain level of celebrity where the rules of sex don’t apply anymore, like Clooney is one of those guys he doesn’t like see dick or vagina he sees “love and emotion” and he’s down for anything. Prince is another guy who will 100% fuck a supermodel then once like the Joe the janitor walks in and Prince doesn’t even skip a beat and moves onto the dude. A little side note this Rande guy who is Clooney’s boy is married to Cindy Crawford and the reason he got an all time warehouse fire like Cindy is because of that spelling of Rande. FUCK I need to get into the rich people name game, Dean? no that shit is for squares but Dein? or Dee’n that name screams alpha male.

PS: Long Live Cindy Crawford

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One comment

  1. Kevin · October 4, 2015

    I know where I’m building my next house…

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