No Big Deal But Bill Clinton Just Endorsed The Donald


  • Bill Clinton says Donald Trump is a ‘master brander’ and could become the Republican party’s nominee
  • Bill Clinton said Donald Trump has done a good job distinguishing himself from the pack 
  • The former president said he thinks The Donald could be the GOP nominee Clinton said Trump is appealing to working class voters who want a border fence and want America to bring back jobs from China-DailyMail

Slick Willy Loves the Donald

Wow talk about the election being over, Donald is leading every GOP poll while not taking a dime and he just cuckolded poor Hillary before she even gets the nomination. Before I go on, how perfect is that pic of Slick Willy and Trump? That pic is laugh out-loud funny because it perfectly sums up these guys; Slick Willy and Trump playing golf at immaculate courses while they make the black caddy be their bitch for three hours. Now I don’t want to get political because I think our country is so fucked it doesn’t matter who leads us but I do think this has to be humiliating for Hillary. Hillary is getting owned with this email controversy while Bernie Sanders gains ground and then she comes home after a hard day only to find The Donald having a Netflix and Chill session with Bill.

PS: I would pay upwards of 5k to be their caddy for a round, just cigars, cognac and talking about what butt stuff they did behind their wives backs.






One comment

  1. Jnana Hodson · September 28, 2015

    Not so fast! I suspect Bill thinks his with can easily dump the Donald, should it come to that.

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