I Am All In On Fleur East

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Fleur East was runner-up on the UK’s X Factor and I just found out about her and yes  we are dating. In all seriousness I am usually not into black girls but oh my lord, she is 100% the next Rihanna and I can’t wait till we get married. Those curls and that attitude I’m all in. I don’t get guys who hate on girls with the kinky nappy hair, that is for sure one of the hottest looks going. You ever notice how a girl with super curly hair is always super confident and fierce? Yeah it’s cause she is hot as fuck, not scared of shit and she has no gag reflex. To be honest there is something way hotter about European  or West Indian Black girls compared to American black girls. Maybe its the accent and the mystery of them or maybe its the fact that I am scared of American black girls but all I know is that our sisters need to step it up. And yes I am in love with her directional name ex: North West, Kanye West, Fleur East, you’re a nobody if you don’t have a directional name these days.


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