DeanOfSports 2.0 Is Officially Up


Well, this is awkward. Let me start with DOS is fucking back!!! This time we have a bunch of writers who will be contributing and we even have a pair of Philly guys who will be writing for DeanOfSports Philadelphia. I am happy about DOS 2.0 and I am confident that the group of guys we have onboard are as committed as I am. The truth is that I never wanted to stop doing DOS, I was living in Salt Lake City at the time and I had a ton of things change in my life which is why I ultimately had to put DOS on hold for a while. The only analogy I can give is that DOS is my black child (Jamal) and I just have so much shit going on (Fire mixtape bout to drop bruh) that I had to stop seeing Jamal for a while. So enough bullshit let’s get this bitch started. And yes we are going to be even more politically incorrect so if you don’t like it go fuck yourself you overly censored fuck.

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