The Rangers Outlook After Game Two


I do not get riled up about sports often, but this game 2 loss to the Rangers was so fucking disheartening that I legit had to fire up DOS just so I had an outlet for all of my anger. Listen, we all know the narrative going into this series is that the Rangers had no chance, LA was too big and strong, and LA was just too much to handle and for the most part all of that has been bullshit. Rangers had them on the ropes for about 40 minutes each game. Then that 3rd period comes around and the Rangers get so tight that they make the LA Kings look like the 1982 Islanders. The biggest thing that the Rangers need to do if they wanna force their way back in this series is the Rangers need to grow a fucking pair and close these games out. Do you understand how much of a toll blowing like 49782740101 2-0 leads must be to the psyche of the team? The other thing the Rangers must do is utilize their speed consistently, for the whole 3rd period of Game 2 they were so tight and slow, then OT comes and boom Kreider remembers how to skate again and creates a couple huge opportunities in the first period of OT. Why can’t they consistently put that pressure on LA? Now I don’t say this often cause I’m such a pessimist but the series should be 2-0 Rangers or at the worst 1-1 but 2-0 is just a joke. I won’t even mention the fact that the no call on Henrik was a complete abortion and they got had, but looking game two alone they had probably 5-7 quality chances to blow that game open to a 3 goal lead, you gotta capitalize against a resilient team and thats the bottom-line.

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