The Boyfriend Whose Breakup Went Viral On CNN

The story with this dude isn’t the breakup which is actually pretty funny, but it’s the fact that this guy had a girlfriend and the girl fucked his best friend. I do not wanna hear about his story I need to know her story and whats going through that girl’s mind right now. I need to know back story about why she fucked his best friend, I need to know what positions and if she had a good reason, there is not enough backstory to this whole thing to really get the full potential out of this story. Kinda like watching a porn with zero back story yeah its great but it is nowhere as fulfilling as watching some horrendous acting right before they do the deed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.02.56 PM


PS: Has anyone clarified that this guy actually had a gf? Cause if that was his laughing face there is ZERO chance he had a gf to begin with and it was just a ploy to get followers and to make his meaningless life a little more bearable. The only thing I don’t get is why would you put this out there? Now no piece of pussy would ever want to be with you cause they know your history and that you have no issue publicly blasting people, so putting this breakup on twitter is pussy career suicide.


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