It’s Official! Men Have Bigger Brains Then Women



  • Cambridge researchers reviewed 20 years of research
  • Found that males generally have slightly larger brains
  • Major differences were in the language and limbic system, which controls emotion-DailyMail

What a shocker! You mean the sex who has run countries and invented literally everything ever is smarter than the sandwich makers ? Wow, I feel like I could 100% be a scientist because you know these guys are just hanging living a straight up college dorm life while making outrageously simple studies. Listen, women can do a ton of things that are outstanding and incredible in their own right but thinking and using their brain for sure aren’t one of those things. Ever argue with your girl and you own her with common sense and facts and what does she immediately do? She breaks down and cries or screams like an 8-year-old because that is her not being able to think, now on the flip side guys cannot be nurturing and caring like a female but then again who cares about doing that when you can actually use common sense and think.


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