Pro Boxer Has Lost 50 Fights In A Row

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  • Robin Deakin, 27, won his first fight in 2006 but has lost every one since
  • He has been knocked out 12 times as he wracked up 50 defeats
  • Deakin has performed so badly he had his boxing licence taken away
  • But he hasn’t given up the fight and instead got a permit issued in Germany
  • He will take on his next opponent on March 1 despite his terrible record-DailyMail

October 26, 2006: Beat Shaun Walton
February 2, 2007: Lost to Eduards Krauklis
October 13: Lost to Eddie Hyland
November 2: Lost to Ricky Owen (knockout)
January 12, 2008: Lost to Vinny Mitchell
February 23: Lost to Steve Gethin
March 8: Lost to Ryan Welsh
March 16: Lost to Josh Wale
March 29: Lost to Jason Hastie
April 26: Lost to Jon Kays
May 31: Lost to Patrick Hyland (knockout)
June 9: Lost to Anthony Crolla
September 13: Lost to Liam Shinkwin
September 26: Lost to Ryan Walsh
October 10: Lost to Stephen Smith (knockout)
November 8: Lost to Kevin O’Hara (knockout)
December 14: Lost to Dan Stewart (knockout)
January 30, 2009: Lost to Vinny Mitchell
February 27: Lost to Jason Hastie
March 13: Lost to Robbie Turley
March 27: Lost to Mark Alexander
April 10, 2010: Lost to Chris Higgs (knockout)
August 28: Lost to Lee Gillespie
September 10: Lost to Tim Witherspoon Jr
September 16: Lost to Lewis Pettitt (knockout)
October 24: Lost to Phil Gill
December 4: Lost to Jason Hastie
February 19, 2011: Lost to Billy Morgan
February 26: Lost to Graheme Higginson (knockout)
April 28: Lost to Billy Dawson
May 7: Lost to Robbie Turley
June 3: Lost to Richard Barclay
June 17: Lost to Jon Slowey
June 25: Lost to Mark Ginley
July 30: Lost to Joe Tonks
September 16: Lost to Ben Day
September 30: Lost to Ediz Hussein
October 21: Lost to Liam Shinkwin
October 28: Lost to Kirk Goodings
November 4: Lost to Andy Townend
November 18: Lost to Matty Tew
November 25: Lost to Craig Whyatt
December 14: Lost to George Michael Carman
January 20, 2012: Lost to Thomas Carus
January 28: Lost to Ryan Taylor (knockout)
March 17: Lost to Floyd Moore
March 23: Lost to Dean Anderson (knockout)
May 26: Lost to Michael Devine
June 2: Lost to Mike Biggs
June 11: Lost to Andrejs Podusovs
October 4, 2013: Lost to Antonio Counihan (knockout)

What a fucking boss! Not giving a fuck is by far the scariest thing you can do to intimidate another man. Robin Deakin is for sure gonna rattle off like 200 wins in a row then eventually kill Floyd Mayweather with a first round knockout. Now in all seriousness this guy has gotta be like Ali’s white nephew right? I thought boxing was like if you lost 4 fights your career was done, now instead this Deakin dude is just not giving a fuck and setting everyone up for the comeback of a lifetime. Dude is straight up Undertaker in the boxing ring, next time he gets knocked down he for sure needs to pull the Undertaker coming up the mat.


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