So I Saw The Wolf Of Wall Street This Weekend



I am usually very harsh on Scorsese and his newer movies because he set the bar so high with his earlier work (Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, Goodfellas, Mean Streets) but with that being said The Wolf Of Wall Street is the best movie in the last three years. Scorsese captured the Long Island/NYC vibe perfectly and though the movie was 3 hours in length it never lost your attention because Scorsese followed the formula that I talk about weekly. If you want a show or movie to be successful you need to have an antihero/criminal main character and drug usage, if you have those things and maybe some nudity thrown in you have a smash hit and that is exactly the perfect balance The Wolf Of Wall Street possesses. Now I know there will be some women and douchebags who will probably see the movie and think that Jordan Belfort was a monster who degraded women and cheated his way to millions but let’s be real who the fuck wouldn’t do that? If I could get 15 years of pure blow/hookers for essentially nothing but salesmanship who the fuck wouldn’t be down to do that? The movie was just an all around fun movie because it gave the criminal his side of the story, you hear about Madoff and how he ripped off millions but you never really get to hear about what kind of spending and crazy life these men are living.

This was the real reason I went to go see the movie.



She is on fire.

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