Reactions To NFL’s Divisional Round



Wow these were supposed to be the most exciting games of the NFL season? All the favorites won and not one underdog made it interesting but hey at least we get to see Peyton Manning versus Brady next week for about the 2000488384571 the past decade. Seriously, can Peyton and Brady just retire? We get it you guys are all time greats just give it a fucking rest and let the new guard take over. These NFL playoffs have officially become boring after the results this weekend none of the teams have personality or an underdog mentality just a bunch of prima donnas who go out their and take care of business. Instead of Bolo ties and Southern twang in Phillip Rivers we get fucking Tom Brady and Peyton buttfucking their playbook. Is it not unbelievable that ever since Philip Rivers started wearing the Bolo I have become Rivers’ biggest fan?

Instead of this



We get this



Us NFL fans got totally shafted this divisional round.

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