Emma Watson Wearing The Window Curtain To Perfection

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Look at Emma Watson just mailing it in outfit wise and I gotta respect that. She most definitely was asked by Joan Rivers and the E! channel “Who Are You Wearing???” I wish she just flat-out said “Marc at Bed Bath & Beyond Helped Me Out”. Listen, Emma Watson is hotter than Lucifer but make no mistake about it she most definitely was stood up by her designer and she was alone in a hotel room left to improvise. She did the ultimate white girl thing and put on black yoga pants and tied some shit around her torso, that’s white girl 101. The best part about being a celebrity is being able to wear whatever you want and make it look cool, Macklemore’s hair cut and wardrobe only looks cool on him, same with Leo’s slicked back hair it only looks sweet on him. If I tried to wear a curtain to an event I’d be laughed out the building, Emma Watson does it and she gets the Hermione Granger fucking pass. I don’t care what anyone says the best celebrity wardrobe look is the Lenny Kravitz scarf heard round the world.



Legit wearing a rug around his body.

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