This Lacey Wildd Chick Is Fascinating

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This gal wants size QQQ boobs and honestly I like her shtick and you need to follow me here and hear me out. One of the biggest assets in life is the ability to know your strengths and to know your weaknesses and limits, you didn’t see Shaq taking game winning threes because he knew his limitations. This women Lacy Wildd was a classic 80s  girl then once father time started knocking she realized her ability to get to the basket ain’t what it used to be. So like Dwayne Wade and Kobe she has adapted her game to fit what she needs, she isn’t a genius and she ain’t fixing those wrinkles and that loose gash, so she is making lemonade with the lemons that god gave her. She is going for the fucking largest moon balloons one person can handle and guess what she will probably die of silicon poisoning before she can ever get there but guess what? She is still a solid 6 so keep doing you, you giant titted sloot.

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