The No Pants Subway Ride Sucks



This annual tradition around NYC gets me so pissed off and I honestly have no clue as to why but it just fucking does. This tradition just fucking stinks of Hipster bullshit and that pisses me off but what really pisses me off is that this is funny to the hipster world like all the fucking horn rimmed glasses wearing douches in Brooklyn think this is hysterical and If I were to ask a hipster why this was so funny and artistic they would look at me like I was some simpleton who could never grasp how smart and elite they are compared to me. Honestly, the reason I think this is dumb is because the subways do not need fucking hipster douches in hip huggers to make them funny, go catch the 7 after a Mets game at 10:30 in Flushing, Queens and you will see shit that makes no underwear look fucking mundane.

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