Colorado Weed Shop Makes 28K It’s First Day

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  • Stores reporting $10,000 in sales in first few hours of Colorado’s marijuana legalization
  • ‘Adult use’ pot projected to be a $208 million industry in the state in 2014
  • About $1 million made across 35 pot shops in Denver on ‘Green Wednesday’, January 1, with an average of $28,000 each
  • Businesses now trying to triple their plant stock to keep up with demand-DailyMail

Holy fuck 28 grand selling weed, that is more than I will ever see in my life! Do you understand how much this little weed thing is pissing off the honest 36-year-old Accountant? Like Joe in Aurora, Colorado was straight edge his whole life and swore he’d always live a clean drug free lifestyle so he went on to become an accountant with four kids who makes 50K a year. Joe in Aurora once had a friend named Lester who did the opposite of Joe and swore that he’d never grow up while getting shitbricked everyday and using fake personas to get gash. Joe one day wakes up reads the newspaper only to see his buddy Lester wearing a Bruce Springsteen 1982 “The River” Concert Tour T-Shirt holding a 28K check for his weed shop, this sends Joe into a fury knowing Lester made in a day what he makes in 6 months as an accountant. Joe goes crazy dwelling on this and eventually suits up as a super hero and shoots people in up during a midnight showing of a movie in Aurora Colorado…Too soon?

PS: On that note, Happy Holidays and I would love to wish everyone a Happy New Year’s and for anyone who doesn’t celebrate those holidays then your lives suck dick cause Hanukkah is getting dominated by Christmas and the gap is just widening like the Cardinals and Cubs.


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