This Story Is Flat Out Sad As Fuck

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So this story is pretty much this: Husband and Wife take their wedding pics in their newly bought home in 2009 then the wife tragically dies of a rare Lung Cancer nearly a year after their first-born. So fast forward to 2013 and the husband is selling their house and he took one last set of pictures in the house but this time using the new Matriarch of the family their 3-year-old daughter. Listen, I NEVER let anything get to my heart but I am not gonna lie this did, and I know this will sound sexist but it was 100% because he was a husband and for once it was the guy doing something smart and “Pinterest Worthy” and not the usual suspect, the wife. When a wife does something cheesy and corny I just shut it out and act as though it is “another overly emotional girl” but when a guy does it I am hooked 100%. The sad thing about all this is because you know this guy is for sure gonna get pussy off this article so theoretically this guy is getting pussy because of his dead wife, that is some heavy shit.

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