Justin Bieber Retires



The Heartbreaker hitmaker told radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday: ‘After the new album, I’m actually retiring man. I’m retiring.’-DailyMail

Just like many great ones before him (Barry Sander, The Beatles and Sandy Koufax) the Biebs is deciding to opt for early retirement which I cannot blame him for doing. I love the move because let’s be real, Bieber is gonna pull a Ricky Williams when he looks at his bank account in 2018 and he realizes it’s only 7 digits long and that is a problem for pop stars. He will be back making terrible music in probably a couple of years but I totally understand why he is hanging them up early. In life I feel like you need to leave early if you want to preserve your legacy and  it ensures that the “legend” of your brand will grow in spades.  I think Bieber and his manager got together and they both pretty much said “Justin, the well is obviously running dry and the 13-year-old gashes aren’t as wet as they used to be, hang it up for a little”. He will hang em up and then come back drop some shitty album but since we haven’t heard Bieber in so long people will go crazy for it and if you don’t know what I am talking about just Google Green Day’s album “American Idiot” they took the same formula I’m talking about. Even though Bieber retiring is still a totally well though out power move I still need to give the Biebs credit for making the unbelievable single “Girlfriend it is catchy and sexual as fuck and guy or girl there isn’t any denying it because Girlfriend is unreal and that is a fact.

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