What Kind Of Sicko Is Scarfing Down Sriracha Vodka Or Watching This Sriracha Documentary?



Just when you think people cannot get any worse, the people at UV go and make this bullshit. I love hot sauce and spicy shit but I do not love spicy or exotic shit in my desserts and liquor that is my rule and I do not bend on this shit. Sriracha is good and I understand why people obsess over it but at the same time Sriracha is something that has to go down in the history books as one of the whitest things ever. Like Dumplings is to Asians as Sriracha is to white people.  I  saw a girl at a cafe put Sriracha on her pizza I kid you not, and these are probably the same douchefucks that are pumped to see this movie. I love the idiots of the country, people were livid about Ben Affleck being batman but are 100% pumped up for a movie about a fucking hot sauce.

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