Why Sheldon Richardson Is Quickly Becoming My Favorite NFL PLayer



If the NFL were to redo the 2013 draft, New York Jets rookie defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson doesn’t believe he’d be a Jet. The way he sees it, the Jets, who selected him 13th and also owned the ninth pick, wouldn’t even have a shot at grabbing him. 

“Probably No. 1, most likely,” Richardson said of where he’d be selected in a redraft. “Kansas City? Yeah. I went into the draft thinking I’d be the No. 1 pick. I had a shot.” -EspnNY Rich Cimini

I don’t know why I love this quote so much but I love the fact the Richardson is so honest and  it is so obvious that Richardson thinks he is the second coming of Reggie White. Hey Richardson was completely underrated by all NFL talent scouts and I guarantee there is a chip on his shoulder because of that. When he was drafted by the Jets with the 13th pick everyone groaned and mocked the move as “typical Rex drafting unneeded defensive players” and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Richardson came into the Jets as a rookie but has played like a pro bowler and outside of Mo Wilk he is the MVP of the team. Revis who ? When the Jets had Revis they had a great defense but they never looked as if they were having fun like it was strictly business as usual but now when they make a play you get a vibe that this team really does like each-other and genuinely cares about one another. The passion is back in the Jets after about 2 years of lifeless football and to that you need to give Rex  Ryan all the credit in the world because he is responsible for building this front 7 and re inspiring the thing he loves most about football, Defense.

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