Mets Sign Bartolo Colon



We got Colon for only 20 Million????? What a steal! What a power move by the Mets, this is Sandy Alderson pretty much telling the league “our young pitching are so good we can win even with Bartolo Colon”. I get that Colon and Granderson have both been mediocre/positive signings that are more about the big picture future rather than the win now window but I still need to address that this Colon deal is a joke. Colon is a 40-year-old fastball pitcher who was found guilty of steroid usage but to his credit he did have a great 2013 season but still for 20 MILLION $$$ ??? For the Met fans who believe that this move could be a steal if he works out and repeats last year, let me make it easy for you….. HE WONT WORK OUT! What Mets FA signing has worked out? Mike Piazza and Carlos Beltran hmmm a cool 2 for 1373784 in FA signings have lived up to expectations. But hey you know what? At least the Mets are spending money and trying and that is better than nothing so cue the fucking music!

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