If Obama Taking A Selfie At Mandela’s Memorial Bothers You, You’re An Idiot

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I am not a big fan of Obama but I am also not so one-sided and narrow-minded where I think that Obama taking a selfie means that he is a bad leader you are a douche. Everyone has been to Christmas Mass and I guarantee we have snoozed off at one time or another but does us snoozing off mean we are any less religious? NO, we have all fell asleep in public or just had a lapse in judgement. Let’s be real, Obama loved Mandela’s ideas, philosophy and what he stood for, but I guarantee he wasn’t exactly bros with Mandela. So Obama I give you a mulligan and I let it slide because I understand that a 5 hour funeral/memorial can be rough, it takes a lot to keep yourself entertained the whole time.

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