George Steinbrenner Not Getting Into The Hall Of Fame Is A Travesty



Hmmmm, what does it take to get in the Hall Of Fame these days? World Series hmmm George won 7 World Series Rings. Oh you need to change the game! Seems like George starting the YES Network completely changed how owners get revenue with lucrative TV deals. I feel like George not making the Hall Of Fame is retarded just like everything else baseball does but the biggest reason it is retarded is because fucking Joe Torre got voted in! Joe Torre wouldn’t be known by anyone if it wasn’t for George hiring a very risky manager and giving him a chance to manage some of the best teams ever. Plus George was in Seinfeld and let’s be real, none of those faggy guys who were voted into the Hall Of Fame could be on Seinfeld and KILL it the way Steinbrenner did, oh yeah it’s a TV show? Fuck you.

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