RIP To The 2013 NY Giants



Listen, the Giants showed some fight after starting the season 0-6 but I guess the team just ran out of gas yesterday when they got bitch slapped by the Chargers 37-14. The Giants underachieved this year because of three reasons:

1. What the fuck happened to Eli Manning? He hasn’t played well since the 2011 Super Bowl and I do not get what occurred to him. This year he was just sloppy and playing as if he legit had no idea how to do anything with a football and if I see one more fucking ball go thru a receiver’s hands and get picked I will lose my mind. Eli wasn’t 100% of the problem this year but he does shoulder a large part of the load.

2. Inconsistency by their defense, one week the Giants D was shutting down teams then the next week they are making the Chargers look like the fucking 1999 Rams. I will admit that they were bogged down by plenty of injuries but for the most part no one came to play every Sunday. Memo to Justin Tuck the season starts in September not Week 13.

3. Their mojo is just done, not once this year did they play inspired football and they never came out swinging. I don’t know if that says something about Coughlin and his ability to motivate but something wasn’t right all year and this will definitely need to change.

So RIP to the 2013 Ny Giants We hardly Knew Ye.

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