Jets Beat The Raiders 37-27



How bad are the fucking Raiders? I honestly thought the Jets were the worst team in the league until I saw Matt McGloin and the mess that is the Oakland Raiders roll into JetLife Stadium. I totally get that this game was meaningless and will probably fuck us draft wise because we need a top 10 pick and we are fucking ourselves with every win we get but honestly who gives a fuck. At this point Rex is pretty much done so we might as well see our team win for old-time sake’s just like the they used to when Rex first arrived in NY. The thing about this years Jets is you have to look at the bright side, the Jets this year were meant to be 2-14 and even though we have played like shit the last month the Jets have still surpassed all of our expectations that we had going into the season. We need to get weapons on the offensive side of the ball and we need to go all offense for the next couple years and sign a corner and a safety because the only good thing about the Jets is that they have virtually no contract obligations because Sanchez and Santonio’s deals are done so why not dream big and if we draft well we can revamp the offense and by this time next year we are fighting for a playoff spot with an extremely young, cheap team.

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