A Farewell To Heidi Klum



So Heidi Klum was on Access Hollywood yesterday and she officially announced her retirement from lingerie modeling and Heidi Klum is like the Tom Brady of modeling so it is a big deal to see such an all time great retire. Heidi was a personal favorite of mine and she is a sure-fire hall of famer but I never understood one thing about Heidi. Why the fuck did she marry Seal? It isn’t a racist thing it’s a that guy is a disgusting looking person thing, I always felt like she could have had an ugly duckling thing going down but anyways this is one last glance at the gorgeous Heidi Fucking Klum and what a blessed career she had.

d4a03d6882_74122945_o2 heidi-klum-2 Heidi-Klum article-2519552-19A5B16000000578-212_306x626 article-2519552-027D6574000005DC-226_634x796 images fp_1973709_heidi_klum_in_victoria_secret_lingerie_campaign_-400x240

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