Yankees Agree To Deal With Jacoby Ellsbury



Deal is said to be 7 years 153 Million and I gotta say, I love the fact that the Yankees are showing NYC why they are still the kings of the city. Giants, Knick, Jets and Mets all stink while the Yankees keep trucking along signing big names and owning the backpages. Isn’t it funny how the priorities change once your arch rival wins a World Series? Before October the only Yankee news you heard was about cutting payroll down to 189 Million, the Red Sox win the World Series and boom the Yankees go on the full offensive to make sure they don’t lose an edge. Now let’s get to the deal itself, I like Ellsbury as a player he is immensely talented just look at his 2011 stats 32 Hrs .321 Avg and 105 Rbis but the issue with Ellsbury has never been his talent it is whether or not he can stay healthy. This deal is the ultimate boom or bust deal if Ellsbury stays healthy they are golden, if not this could potentially be a Carl Crawford 2.0 situation. No one can judge this deal until it’s been a couple of seasons and we can see if he affected the team as much as the Yankees would like. I am not gonna lie, as a Mets fan I am jealous because I love how the Yankees attack free agency and go for the championship every year. Gotta respect the way they operate because they are winners and the Mets are the polar opposites.

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